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Test webinar and tips

This is a simple test webinar that allows you to check that you can access our webinars before trying to join a live webinar or watch a replay.

The test session also allows you to verify that your sound is working and gives some tips on how the sessions run, how to ask questions, etc.

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Advanced Beekeeping Courses

About Ken Basterfield, NDB

Ken was first introduced to bees at 6 years old, but began beekeeping upon graduating in 1971. He increased in numbers until running 150 colonies by 1979, running these as a semi-commercial outfit in parallel with his day job.

Ken took his BBKA Preliminary, Intermediate, Senior, and Senior Practical certificates, before obtaining his National Diploma in Beekeeping (NDB) in 1996. During that time, he completed a wide range of beekeeping including stock selection and breeding from the best locally-adapted performers & extensive queen raising.

Ken has tried out most of the management techniques on large scale trials leading to ‘best fit’ tools and techniques for his own beekeeping environment.